Western SÌchuān 四川
Eastern Tibet - Kham 2007
September 3 - September 28
In the summer of 2007 I made an one month trip together with my brother to the Kham region of the former Tibet in western Sichuan (China).
We started our tour in Chengdu, the capital of the province Sichuan and ended it in the ancient city of Xi’an, a former capital of China. Including shopping and overland transportation, but excluding the flights, we used about 600 € per person, which is 25 € each day. This is more expensive than our journey in the winter, mainly due to more expensive transportation in form of mini busses and accommodation in form of two bed rooms we booked sometimes.
Have fun watching my pictures :-)
The stations of our journey:
Chéngdū (成都) & Lè Shān (乐山)
Éméi Shān 1 (峨眉山)
Éméi Shān 2 (峨眉山)
Dartsedo - 康定 (Kāndìng)
Lhagang - 塔公 (Tăgōng)
Manigango - 马尼干戈  (Măníngāngē)
Yilhun Lhatso 1 - 新路海 (Xīnlù Hăi)
Yilhun Lhatso 2 - 新路海 (Xīnlù Hăi)
Yilhun Lhatso 3 - 新路海 (Xīnlù Hăi)
Kandzê - 甘孜 (Gānzī)
Rongmi Drango - 丹巴 (Dānbā)
四姑娘山 (SìGūníang Shān)
西安 (Xī'ān)